WSN Development, Planning and Commissioning & Maintenance Tool-Set
Despite the considerable research and important advances of the Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) field, large scale application of the technology is still hindered by technical, complexity and cost issues. Ongoing R&D projects are addressing the shortcomings by focusing on energy harvesting, middleware, network intelligence, standardization, network reliability, adaptability and scalability. These are among the most prominent issues preventing a wider adoption of WSN-based solutions by system integrators and end users. WSN deployment, testing, and maintenance are still challenging the WSN wider use.
This project will address the above WSN challenges by developing an integrated platform for smart environments that will comprise a middleware for heterogeneous wireless technologies as well as an integrated engineering tool for quick system development, a planning tool and a commissioning & maintenance tool for expert and non-expert users. This project will build two demonstrators in order to evaluate the impact of the developed middleware and the tools. The first application demonstrator will be an outdoor parking application where WSN will detect free parking slots in an outdoor parking and guide the drivers to reach them, park their car and enter automatically in the system all relevant information. The second application demonstrator will be system where WSN will measure the air quality and noise, light, and electromagnetic levels on city streets to assist the understanding of wide area dynamics and the City Managers' decision making process. This project will contribute to the development of a multi-domain architecture and to provide strategic input to enhance other ARTEMIS application-oriented Sub-Programmes. To further increase the value for the field, most of the project development will be released under a suitable open source license for mutual benefit and to foster academic research and know how to transfer to industry.