Widening the Thermal Solar Energy Exploitation by the Successful Models
The project idea comes from the visual observation of roofs in some Greek and Austrian cities, which show a lot of solar DHW collectors while the roofs of similar cities in Italy and Bulgaria show very few. The 7th EurObserv'ER report confirmed that efforts made by SEE countries for development of Thermal Solar were successful in limited number of them and considerable disparities between them appear. The project aims to allows the SEE countries with limited penetration to raise their Solar DHW Market, by:- developing a framework of local and regional policies and financial measures;- implementing installers' qualification and public awareness campaign to change household habits and stakeholder attitudes;-revealing and alleviating shortcomings and constraints that inhibit the DHW market; The purpose of the project is to activate a transfer of know-how and experiences from SEE countries with significant penetration and a cooperation in order to: - widen the use of Thermal Solar energy to cover the expected rise in energy demand, reduce the greenhouse gas emission, create new employement's opportunity from DHW market enlargement. The beneficiaries of project will be regional and local authorities; Regional and local development agencies; scientific institutions; house owners and installer associations. Main results and tangible legacy: - The National DHW Markets Status and Impact of raising DHW Solar on environment Reports. - The technical and training manuals for DHW Installers; - The Raise Awareness Campaigns' Multimedia Materials.- About 240 new DHW Systems installed in 4 SEE Countries. New 4 skilled and qualified teams to support House Owners in acquiring, funding and installing DHW Systems. - The methodologies and procedures to make effective the fiscal aids and subventions on behalf of House Owner. - The DHW Methodological Guide and Green Paper distributed to competent Policy Makers all over Europe. - - The website of the project.