“Science and Technology for Archaeology and Cultural Heritagd in the Eastern Mediterranean (Stachem)”
The Eastern Mediterranean is one of the world’s richest areas in terms of archaeological remains, and cultural heritage in general; it has yielded an extraordinary variety of finds spanning all aspects of human activity. However, due to the scarcity of scientific and technological resources in the region, the analysis of these finds has occurred largely in research institutions far removed from the region. Therefore, there is a pressing need to make adequate resources available in the immediate proximity of the excavations and remains themselves, and also to properly document the cultural heritage of this key region. The partners of this proposal wish to initiate a coordinated effort for the build-up of the relevant research infrastructures, and the pooling and coordination of the associated resources, in order to contribute to a regional strategic plan for the Eastern Mediterranean archaeological sciences and digital heritage community. This will be achieved in parallel with the design and planning process of the Cyprus Institute’s newly created Science and Technology for Archaeology Research Center, which is planning major investments in infrastructures for archaeometry, underwater archaeology and digital cultural heritage. The project will ensure that the development of this new Center is embedded in a strategy closely adapted to the regional needs and integrated in the Euro-Mediterranean environment of archaeological sciences and digital heritage. In addition to a coherent strategic plan, the outcomes of the project will include suggestions for joint trans-national activities, a user-led assessment of needs, guidelines for good practices and directions for further infrastructure development. It will contribute to the incubation of a regional research cluster in the field of archaeology and cultural heritage, and to the build-up of the associated community of researchers, with periodic workshops for continuous monitoring and update.