Leveraging a set of innovative technologies, city infrastructures as well as Web and social media technologies aiming to increase the security level of citizens in large cities
City.Risks is to places information sharing at the center of addressing security challenges in large urban environments. The project work will be focused based on these dimensions:
  • what – diverse types and sources of information need to be analysed, integrated and exploited, including historical crime data and statistics, victimization reports, demographic data, maps of transportation networks and other city infrastructures, available physical sensors, news feeds and the Web.
  • whom – citizens are in the centre of the approach, actively being engaged as both targets and sources of information, in a bidirectional communication channel between either citizens and the authorities or among citizens themselves within trusted networks or broader communities.
  • when – the ultimate goal is to ensure timely sharing of appropriate information both for pre - venting security threats as well as mitigating their impact when they actually occur.
  • how – by primarily utilising citizens' smart phones and mobile devices for appropriately visualising the needed information as well as feeding information back to the platform.