Intelligent System for HELLEnic Audiovisual National Aggregator


Intelligent System for HELLEnic Audiovisual National Aggregator

IS-HELLEANA (Intelligent System for HELLEnic Audiovisual National Aggregator) is a project designed to develop an integrated system that will enable a) the providers of audiovisual material to project their content within a unified and interoperable – way, in the context of an enriched generalized semantic designation of the Greek Audiovisual Reserve and b) the users to search effectively in the content they wish and to participate in the electronic and interactive services provided by the audiovisual material’s providers. The basic tool for the achievement of above objective is a web platform for the semantic unification, management, enrichment and projection of the Audiovisual Reserve. In this context, the main objectives of this project are:


  • The implementation of World Wide Web and Semantic Web technologies and the development of the suitable techniques for the registration and the retrieval of heterogeneous audiovisual material (representation, description and semantic unification of the audiovisual material’s description).

  • The development of the suitable methodologies and tools for the automatic analysis of the audiovisual data (free texts that are contained in the metadata, sound and voice files, pictures and video files) in order to extract knowledge for the enrichment of their descriptive metadata.

  • The optimization of the services provided to the final users as well as the uttermost promotion of the collaborating institutions’ digitalized material.

  • The development of a National Point for the effective access in audiovisual content constitutes the spark for the further development and the appointment of Greek digital audiovisual content, not only in Greece but in Europe as well.