The project LEXIS aimed at the construction of large special and general linguistic resources for the Greek language, as well as at the development of environments for their management. More specifically, the main deliverables of the project were the following:
  • a Greek Computational Lexicon of general language based on corpora, which comprises 60,000 entries containing morphological information, of which a subset of 30,000 entries also contains syntactic information and a further subset of 15,000 includes semantic information. The compilation of the LEXIS lexicon has been based on the Parole / Simple lexicon, which had been developed during the relevant European projects.
  • Bilingual dictionaries of the domain "Environment" (i.e. Ecology, Environmental Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, Climatology, Meteorology) and relevant scientific texts' collection.
    A Management Environment of terminological data (terms and texts) has been developed by ILSP / R.C. "Athena", which allows viewing, encoding and searching the terms included in the dictionaries as well as in the texts.
  • A user-friendly workbench which supports the management of the lexical and the textual data. Via this environment, the lexicographer is able to encode a lemma and all of its accompanied information at the three levels of analysis: morphological, syntactic and semantic level. For the security of the data and the better distribution of the lexicographical work, different user rights at each level of encoding have been foreseen.
  • Two feasibility studies concerning the development of an ergonomic keyboard for the Greek language and a stenotypical keyboard respectively.
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