Quality Certification

Athena RC has a longstanding and continuously evolving ISO 9001:2008 certification in the fields of Project Management, Software Development and 3D Digitisation Services Provision.

Since 2008, Athena RC applies the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 international stadart, in the following fields:

  • Project Management 
  • Project design and maturity
  • Project planning, implementation, monitoring and certification of the project's physical and financial objective 
  • Software Development 
  • Development of Educational Software 
  • Services for the 3D digitazation of cultural heritage 
  • Management of transactions and processes for state funding 

The Department of quality management systematically monitors compliance with quality stadards, updates the Quality Management System, co-ordinates activities and processes among institutes/units, suggests improvements and makes recommendations in line with the center's quality policy. 

Quality Policy 

Aiming at developing scientific research in the field of information technology, knowledge and communication technologies, Athena RC manages and implements innovation projects that aim at producing exploitable assets. To reach these aims, Athena RC:

- develops innovative approaches in ICT technologies in the form of laboratory and industrial prototypes and builds collaborations in the business sector to ensure their exploitation.

- adjusts technologies to the enterpreneural needs and public services 

- supports the world of business by designing and suggesting solutions and services that combine a range of ICTs 

- supports reserchers, experts and technicians by organizing and funding research schemes, graduate programs, seminars, publiications and conferences 

- provides specialized technical services, carries out technicoeconomical studies that investigate the optimal ways for the exploitation of research results 

- collaborates with institutes in Higher Education, research centers and companies (of every type), participates in associations and joint ventures, and has the capacity to found/or participate in spin off companies. 

To ensure quality in all the above activities, Athena RC announces lists with criteria of excellence that guide the optimal choice of projects. Every five years, the center is evaluated by the GRST using internationally appoved indicators to evaluate research activity and technological performance.