Research and development at Athena RC is organized and structured around  a series of research axes, areas of theoretical, applied and technological research activity. These axes bring together a range of subdomains that have similar characteristics and aim at resolving relevant issues. 


Language Technologies, Human communication and Content Technologies 

  • Natural language processing 
  • Speech Technologies 
  • Natural interaction and embodied communication
  • Intelligent Systems and Multimedia
  • Learning Technologies 

Technologies of Cultural Heritage 

  • Archaeometry
  • Systems of Geo information in archaelogy 
  • multimedia databases of cultural content 
  • 3D depiction and representation of monuments and objects 
  • systems for the presentation and projection of cultural content 

 Data Systems, Data Technologies 

  ​Technologies for the Industry, sustainability and Security 

  • Sustainable Development (rational energy, alternative forms of environmental development, natural resources management, sustainable transport).
  • Industrial Information and Communication Systems (interoperability, design tools)
  • Security 
  • Electronic Systems 
  • Enterprise Intergration 
  • Modelling and Automation of Industrial Systems 
  • Advanced Manufacturing Systems ​
  • Space Engineering and Science 


Environmental and Networing Technologies and Applications 

Robot Perception and Interaction 


  • Informatics for Drug Discovery / Chemoinformatics
  • Informatics for Quality-by-Design and Formulation Development
  • Informatics for Biopharmaceutics, Pharmacokinetics, and Pharmacodynamics
  • Informatics for Clinical Trials and Clinical Practice
  • Informatics for Meta-Analysis
  • Applications of Bioinformatics to drug design-action of biotechnology drugs.


Comming soon: A throrough presentation of each research area, publication activity in each area, research results, researchers involved etc.