Long Lasting Memories


Long Lasting Memories
LLM (Long Lasting Memories) aims to develop and test a unified ICT platform which will combine state-of-the-art cognitive exercises with physical activity in the framework of an advanced ambient assisted living environment. By combining cognitive exercises and physical activity LLM will deliver an effective countermeasure against age-related cognitive decline, thus actively improving the quality of life of the elderly. The LLM service can be installed in individual homes, day care centres, or more formal medical settings, enabling the accident-free, personalized and monitored physical and cognitive training of its users.
The LLM service:
The LLM platform is designed to comprise of three existing interoperable components:
Project activities:
  • the Independent Living Component (ILC): The ILC is based on the eHome system, which is comprised of a network of distributed wirelessly operating sensors connected to an embedded system (the e-Home central unit). It includes features such as intelligent learning of normal and exceptional patterns of behaviour (dangerous situations or indicators for emerging health or social problems), raising of alarms etc.
  • the Cognitive Training Component (CTC): The CTC is designed to support the cognitive exercising procedure provided by specialised software.
  • the Physical Training Component (PTC): The PTC is comprised by custom training equipment, according to specialised needs of the elderly.
  • The LLM project runs from June 2009 to February 2011. During the project, the LLM service will be tested in real life situations in order to consolidate requirements and validate functionality of the solution.
Pilot trials:
Four consecutive rounds of testing will take place in 5 EU Member countries (Austria, France, Greece, Cyprus and Spain) for a period of 15 months, thus aiming for a wide impact on the entire Union.
Testing will be focused upon elderly volunteers who will be screened and monitored throughout the course of the trials to provide high quality data quantifying the results of the LLM solution. In addition, the testing participants will provide feedback to help improve the solution. Testing will be conducted in accordance with relevant regulations for the protection of the participants; all test protocols will utilise good ethical practices and comply with European and national legislation.
The 1st LLM Workshop will take place in Athens, Greece, on May 20-21, 2010. During the workshop, we will present in detail the integrated LLM service and its separate components to a rich audience including medical and health-care providers, researchers, investors, government bodies, insurance companies, industry and technology providers, etc. This variety will give us the opportunity to address several different aspects of the LLM service, from scientific validation to market deployment. We will also discuss thoroughly and receive feedback from interested parties on issues regarding the effective use of the service in different environments and the upcoming pilot studies.
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