Web DELivering of MUSIC scores


Web DELivering of MUSIC scores
  1. The project aimed to enable the distribution of music that can be modified by the user via the web, simultaneously protecting the owner's copyright. The modified music can be processed within the model of a speech signal (audio), symbolic music and music within an image.
  2. The project included setting and testing reliable mechanisms for the protection of digital musical objects. This protects the original musical edition (in image, symbolic music and musical speech signal) and allows modifications and processing
  3. The objective of the project involved setting and testing a transaction model for the distribution of music, considering the various needs of music consumers. The project also includes setting the digital interference in digital music.
  4. Another task of the project was testing the model with available tools, providing music to visually impaired (speaking music, music in Braille) and not visually impaired individuals alike in a unique way.
  5. Setting the foundations for the use of new functions/operations and creating a market for new products is one of the project's goals.
  6. The project aimed to the propagation and advancement of the new model's benefits and of the proposed solutions.
Start Date
Stylianos Bakamidis