The SAPPHO project was carried out within the framework of the EPET II program and aimed at the promotion of the historical and cultural profile of the Greek islands.
One of the most important benefits from this project was the touristic promotion of the islands through a detailed presentation of their natural and cultural treasures.
The deliverables of the project are six CD-ROMS for seven islands (LesvosAndrosMykonos-DelosParosSantoriniNaxos) which contain:
  • information in the form of parallel texts in many European languages on the features, the geography, the history, the customs and manners, the local music and the tradition of every island
  • bilingual dictionaries of everyday language (Greek - English/French/German/Spanish/Russian), so that foreign visitors can find useful words and phrases during their stay in our country
  • intensive lessons of modern Greek for foreigners. Teaching material will be based on words with a common stem in Greek and other European languages, a fact that might make them easier to acquire
  • other useful information for foreigners
These CD-ROMs are developed by ILSP / R.C. "Athena". Part of the material was provided through the collaboration with the Research Centre for Greek Folklore of the Academy of Athens.
Finally, within this framework a CD-ROM with the title "Cleopatra" was developed. This CD-ROM concerns the Greek-Egyptian culture and contains all the historical and cultural information on philosophical and scientific achievements of the Ptolemaic era, historical information on the Library of Alexandria and other socioeconomic and political details. In this project ILSP / R.C. "Athena" collaborated with members of the Pedagogical Institute
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