An optical handwritten recognition system of mathematical symbols


An optical handwritten recognition system of mathematical symbols
The main objective of the project is the development of a recognition system of handwritten mathematical symbols and graphemes with high accuracy rate. The project conducts research and develops techniques/algorithms in the field of pattern recognition and digital signal processing. The expected outcome of the project is a demonstrator/prototype system which will be later integrated in existing or new services in order to improve their performance (e.g. digitization of handwritten material, electronic conversion of handwritten mathematical expressions etc).
In the framework of the project, research is carried out in the following topics:
  • feature extraction and selection of mathematical handwritten symbols
  • recognition of merged handwritten mathematical symbols
  • tracing of mathematical handwritten expressions and re-synthesis of the recognized expressions in electronic form
Other activities of the project include the collection of a handwritten corpus of mathematical symbols, the definition of technical and operational specifications, the implementation and evaluation of the system and finally the dissemination and exploitation of the results of the project.
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Gregory Stainhaouer