Interactive Music Tuition


Interactive Music Tuition
The object of this program was the completion of new technologies in audio recognition (analysis of acoustic data for defining the fundamental frequencies, the timing of musical notes and their dynamics) in an instructive multimedia environment which includes musical content, video, animation, performance accompanied by notes, voice recognition and optical recognition in scores with typed notes. The completion of these technologies functioned as the basis of a virtual music lesson and practice environment, which helps the study of music at home or at the conservatory.
There are few multimedia systems for music instruction in the market but the majority is not efficient in terms of user - machine communication. Furthermore, due to the restrictions in the know-how of recognition technology, either they are too theoretically oriented or the lesson is taught with the use of a video, failing to consider the progress of the student. The exception in this case concerns products which aim at learning the keyboard/piano and which allow, due to the special architecture and the use of technical aids, conversion of the musical piece in MIDI code (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). This will allow for a definition by a special software of what the student has performed.
This program aimed at a thoroughly improved environment via audio recognition of non-MIDI instruments like flute, violin, saxophone, which includes videotaped exercises presented by real teachers. The system can analyse the student's performance and this way help him/her to improve him/herself.
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