Integrated European language data Repository Area


Integrated European language data Repository Area
The INTERA project had two pillars:
  1. to build an integrated European language resource area by connecting international, national and regional data centers, and
  2. to produce new multilingual language resources.
The first goal involved the integration of different types of language resources with the help of metadata descriptions and the interlinking of the resulting resource repository with an existing tool repository; in this way, it would ensure that users would be able to directly use the appropriate tools on the included resources. INTERA anticipated that this integrated and interlinked metadata description domain would facilitate the access to language resources in Europe and help professionals in industry, the eContent business, research and education, and increase the usage of the resources already available.
The second goal addressed the lack of quality of multilingual resources, especially for the less widely spoken languages, including the Balkan ones, which are of crucial importance to the development of the eContent business.
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