The Department of Speech Technology purchased equipment within the framework of this program in order to support a number of new action lines in the form of internal programmes.
  • Terminological database: construction of a database with scientific sublanguages and the respective terminology. The aim was to collect and register the basic scientific and technical terminology in Greek in order to make a final product in electronic form. The success of the enterprise depended on the effective cooperation among university specialists and researchers. Furthermore, it aimed at the classification of scientific texts in terms of sublanguage and text type. The development was undertaken by the Division of Electronic Lexicography (Orossimo).
  • Software for Teaching Ancient Greek: Preparatory phase for the development of educational software for the teaching of high school level Ancient Greek (from the original text) with the use of multimedia. This action line was undertaken by the department of Educational Technology of ILSP / R.C. "Athena".
  • Data Combination of Cartography and Phonetics for retrieving geographical data: the system gives information on geographical data in Greece using voice and optical depiction. The users access the system without the use of keyboard, but by using their voice. More specifically, the user pronounces names of cities or areas which then appear in the form of a geographical map. In addition, the system provides information on how to access these areas.
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