E-learning platform for modern greek addressed to balkan learners


E-learning platform for modern greek addressed to balkan learners
The aim of this project was the localization of a modern e-learning platform for Greek as a second/foreign language (entitled "Filoglossia+") to the specific language and communicative needs of Albanians, Bulgarians, Serbs and Rumanians who wish to learn the language.
The strong presence of Greece in the wider Balkan region combined with the large number of immigrants originating from these countries who live and work here has resulted in a steadily increasing interest in Modern Greek, which is now considered one of the most popular foreign languages in the area. The knowledge of the Greek language constitutes a necessity and a prerequisite for professional evolution, career enhancement and integration in the Greek labour market.
The goal of the project was to satisfy the needs of the abovementioned target groups via the development of a modern multimedia courseware for learning Greek, which deploys and exploits ICT in order to create a fertile learning environment and facilitate second language acquisition. In addition, it constitutes a tool which may function as a vehicle for the promotion and further dissemination of the Greek language in the Balkans.
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