CLARIN EL is the Greek counterpart of the CLARIN project, a pan-european effort for
  • the collection
  • and the distribution to the research community
  • of language resources (text/speech/multimodal corpora, lexica, terminological glossaries etc.) in all languages
  • and the relevant language processing tools (morphological/syntactic analysers, parsers, taggers, statistical tools etc.)
  • through a web-based Research Infrastucture.
CLARIN-EL during the current implementation phase intends to
  • provide to the research community the infrastructure for the collection and documentation of language resources and technologies for Greek through a network of repositories incrementally enriched by the network members
  • provide web-based access to resources and technologies
  • investigate the legal aspects of access to language resources and provide legal advice to language resources providers and users
  • raise awareness and to educate researchers and broad public on the assets of using language resources and technologies.
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Stelios Piperidis