Scalable and Reusable Open Geospatial Data


Scalable and Reusable Open Geospatial Data

PublicaMundi is an EU-funded, two-year project, about applied research on open geospatial data.

Open data provided by the public sector constitute a significant opportunity for growth. The EC estimates the benefits of open data reuse for EU economy at 140bn/year. These financial benefits will be materialized through the establishment of a Data Economy, led by SMEs providing added value services by repurposing open public data. Geospatial data account for an estimated 80% of public sector information and are the most significant category of open data due to their high production, procurement and update costs, as well as their relevance in multiple domains.

PublicaMundi aims to make open geospatial data easy to publish, view, and reuse. We will deliver the required methodologies, technologies and software components to leverage geospatial data as first-class citizens in open data catalogues, and deliver reusable software components and tools enabling the development of scalable, responsive, and multimodal value added applications from open geospatial data.

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Spiros Athanasiou

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