Accountable IT Infrastructures for Optimizing Supply Chains in Biomass Symbiotic Networks


Accountable IT Infrastructures for Optimizing Supply Chains in Biomass Symbiotic Networks
The AI4B project aims to remove existing bottlenecks in biomass supply pipeline and develop economically and environmentally sustainable bioenergy practices by proposing accountable symbiotic IT infrastructures for regional development and planning of bioenergy networks. Our vision is twofold:
  • Firstly, we will facilitate the Greek industry to set up infrastructures to support symbiotic networks of biomass feedstock producers and collectors to add value and reduce costs of biomass business cycle. Symbiotic networks is an innovative approach and environmental practice that brings together companies from all business sectors with the aim of improving cross industry resource efficiency through material trading and sharing assets. Planning and regional development infrastructures and matchmaking and retrieval services are key means in our proposal to set up cost-effective biomass supply chains.
  • Secondly, we will leverage societal interaction and participation as an intrinsic part of the network, under the cover of corporate social responsibility. Specifically, we will employ Linked Open Data (LOD) as a driving force to provide transparent and accountable processes for environmental monitoring in all stages of biomass supply chains. Every citizen or public administration body will have access to the data of supply chains and symbiotic networks and she will be able to question decisions and demand ramifications.
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Theodore Dalamagas

Athena Research Center National Technical University Of Athens/School Of Chemical Engineering Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving Eratosthenes S.A. Tero Ltd TWIN NET Information Systems Ltd Trikala Development Agency (KENAKAP S.A.) Larissa Prefecture Development Company S.A. (A.E.N.O.L. S.A.)