R2D2: Research Repositories through the Driver Desktop (Microsoft Corporation)


R2D2: Research Repositories through the Driver Desktop (Microsoft Corporation)
The main objective of Research Desktop DRIVER Repository (R2D2) is to build a Virtual Research Environment (VRE) that can support researchers in gathering and organising information resources relevant to their work. This is achieved by designing, implementing, and deploying a desktop environment that seamlessly integrates Microsoft software with DRIVER repository content, focusing on integrating the desktop environment with online tools and services, such as for storing, publishing, and searching DRIVER repository data.
The overall objectives and approach of the proposal are to:
  • Facilitate information access to the end user – bring repository content to the end user on the desktop;
  • Support information-related user tasks – easily discover, collocate and associate information objects;
  • Enhance information discoverability from repository and facilitate community building – surface social usage data;
  • Keep information objects safe and accessible anywhere – create, access, and control access in a simple and intuitive way;
  • Support collaboration – share one’s personal collections of information objects.
Get more information: http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/projects/scholarlynk
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