MD-Paedigree represents a clinically-driven and strongly VPH-rooted project, where 7 world-renowned clinical centres of excellence pursue improved interoperability of paediatric biomedical information, data and knowledge by developing together a set of reusable and adaptable multi-scale models for more predictive, individualised, effective and safer paediatric healthcare, being scientifically and technologically supported by one of the leading industrial actors in medical applications in Europe operating in conjunction with highly qualified SMEs and some of the most experienced research partners in the VPH community.
MD-Paedigree validates and brings to maturity patient-specific computer-based predictive models of various paediatric diseases, thus increasing their potential acceptance in the clinical and biomedical lresearch environment by making them readily available not only in the form of sustainable models and simulations, but also as newly-defined workflows for personalised predictive medicine at the point of care. These tools can be accessed and used through an innovative model-driven infostructure powered by an established digital repository solution able to integrate multimodal health data, entirely focused on paediatrics and conceived of as a specific implementation of the VPH-Share project, planned to be fully interoperable with it and cooperating, through it, also with p-Medicine.
In MD-Paedigree, the VPH Infostructure is designed to accommodate the chosen paediatric clinical areas, starting from the considerable experience capitalized in the Health-e-Child and Sim-e-Child projects. The latter developed grid and cloud-based eHealth repositories, models and simulations for specific diseases, and, particularly building on top of current developments within OPBG (Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù), further eHealth tools for data management and distributed high-performance computing which aim at gradually transferring into clinical practice the most advanced modelling in paediatric cardiology to support more precise outcomes analysis of pathologies and develop optimal therapies.
MD-Paedigree’s goals therefore are to:
  • integrate and share highly heterogeneous biomedical information, data and knowledge, using best
  • practices from the biomedical semantic Web,
  • develop holistic search strategies to seamlessly navigate through and manage the integrative model-driven infostructure and digital repository
  • jointly develop reusable, adaptable and composable multi-scale VPH workflow models,
  • support evidence-based translational medicine at the point of care, and
  • ultimately facilitate collaborations within the VPH community.
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