iLearn2Main: Industrial Training System for Modern Enterprise Maintenance


iLearn2Main: Industrial Training System for Modern Enterprise Maintenance
In the manufacturing sector, global competition, characterized by both a technology push and a market pull, the rapidly evolving technology and increased customer requirements present considerable challenges for industrial managerial and technical personnel. Modern enterprises cannot afford to under-utilise internal resources, being material or human. Performance and quality maximisation is sought, among other, through asset (equipment) and human resources (training) management, while safety criteria should be continuously met. Assets life cycle costs should be kept down, while securing proper operations and smooth internal logistics. Such targets can only be met if operations are supported by adequately trained personnel.
iLearn2Main seeks to improve qualifications and employability of personnel involved with maintenance management, by providing adequate VET training. Through the provision of such training, the project aims to:
  • enhance procedures for improving production equipment life cycle and produce better quality products
  • enhance procedures for meeting production constraints and improve performance efficiency
  • enhance procedures for meeting environmental and safety requirements
  • improve total enterprise cost efficiency
To meet these targets, iLearn2Main employs innovative e-learning technologies to deliver the training and facilitate streamlining Maintenance Management Competence Assessment. iLearn2Main offers:
  • Learner-centric Learner Management System (LMS)
  • A competence assessment methodology
  • Tools for maintenance management training, taking into account the EFNMS requirements to become Maintenance Specialist
  • A carefully designed curriculum, comprising necessary Maintenance Management courses
  • A Maintenance Management Competence Assessment Tool
  • A customised learning environment, taking into account stakeholder needs & learner profile and roles.
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