It all started with a "big bang of ideas in a team spirit", focusing on specific business sectors to accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation, supporting development both regionally and nationally.
«Innovation Designed in Greece» supported by Corallia
Genesis of the idea: to modify existing environment with the vision to improve conditions for the development of sciences, innovation and entrepreneurship.
Implementation: the creation and development of the first business innovation cluster in Greece, the Nano/Microelectronics-based Systems and Applications Cluster (mi-Cluster).
Expansion: confirmed with the establishment and development of the Space Technologies and Applications Cluster in 2009 (si-Cluster) and  the Gaming and Creative Technologies & Applications Cluster in 2011 (gi-Cluster).
To support hyper-concentration of industrial members and boost innovation exhibited in Greece and abroad, a network of InnoHubs has been developed in key-strategic positions:
  • The α1-innohub established as the innovation and cutting-edge technology «node» in Athens since 2007
  • The π1-innohub operating as the innovation, research and high-tech «bridge» in Patras since 2011
  • The α2-innohub opened in 2014 and be considered as the innovation, networking and high-tech «ring» in Athens
Corallia also implements a series of initiatives to stimulate and further promote Youth Entrepreneurship with partners and donors in Greece and abroad, including the most prominent accelerator currently operating in Greece, the egg – enter•grow•go, in cooperation with Eurobank, the Educational Trip, the Ε-bootcamp as well as the Internships Days, the Networking Days and so forth.
Aiming at achieving transnational and interregional cooperation, Corallia demonstrates a strong engagement in European cluster policy bodies and has established key-strategic International Collaborations with all innovation stakeholders, regional and national development offices around the world with the ultimate goal to ensure a strong impact on cluster development in the participating countries (and beyond).
Finally, Corallia offers integrated end-to-end services in the frame of state aid programme and acts as an Intermediate Management Body of structural funds, thus, contributing to the smooth and efficient workflow and the proper management of public and community resources.
To date, significant results have been achieved, such as:
  • economies of scale [common suppliers, common distribution channels, etc.]
  • economies of scope [combined business and research activities]
  • industrial ties and commercial collaborations
  • development of the value chain
  • added value for the services/products delivered
  • Recognized as an Open Innovation Catalyst (ActInSpace, HackInnow, GameJam, CAPSELLA, FABSPACE, EOSC, etc)
  • Established as Intermediary Body for Clusters funding at EU level (NEPTUNE, INCLUSILVER)
  • Contributed to the policies on Cross-sector Meta-Cluster and Cross-sector/-cluster/-border Value Chains at EU and National level
  • Established as Cluster Internationalization Expert (ESCIP, SPACE2ID, etc). Promoted the Greek high tech sector in international markets (Toulouse Space Show, CES, Future n Seine, IOT World Congress, European Innovation Week)
  • Established the SPACE4GLOBE initiative/meta-Cluster with the participation of si-/gi-Clusters
  • Became member of the COPERNICUS Relay and Academy Network
  • Expanded European Cluster MoUs (Madrid ICT-Audiovisual Cluster/Spain, SPACE PL/Poland, IMAGINOVE/France)
  • Acknowledged as the most successful Greek NSRF 2007-2013 RDI program (mi-Φ2)
  • Achieved successful implementation of all Cluster Development Programmes (gi, mi, si)
  • Expanded Cluster Ambassador programmes with Research Ambassador
  • Expanded the EduTrip with one more University (Princeton)
  • Organized the 1st Citizen’s debate for ESA with the highest interest in all member states
  • Corallia received a distinction in the Business IT Excellence Awards 2016
  • egg received the prize of "Best European Practice Supporting Youth Self-Employment" and awarded as «Best Initiative» in Startupper Awards 2016

  • Started the Cluster Ambassador Programme (internship programme in collaboration with european clusters)
  • gi-Cluster joined the NEM Initiative (Networked and Electronic Media Initiative)
  • Mentioned among the four most effective smart specialisation applications in Europe through the three clusters it coordinates
  • MoU signed between the gi-Cluster and the Cap Digital
  • mi-Cluster joined the Silicon Europe Alliance
  • The French President François Hollande visited Corallia’s premises in Athens
  • MoU signed between the mi-Cluster and the Minalogic
  • Received the "Honorary Export Distinction“ at the Greek Export Awards 2015
  • Awarded with the “Creative Innovation” award at the 17th Info-Com World 2015 Congress, the most important event on digital technologies in SE Europe
  • Awarded the Gold Label of Cluster Management Excellence with top performance for the gi-Cluster and the si-Cluster
  • Awarded the Silver Label of Cluster Management Excellence with top performance for the mi-Cluster

  • Acknowledgment among the most innovative initiatives in Greece in EC Press Release [Corallia: "making innovation possible in your town" | egg: "bringing the start-up mindset to Greece"]
  • Launched the 2nd cycle of the egg – enter•grow•go, in cooperation with Eurobank
  • Mentioned as one of the most successful achievements of the EU Cohesion Policy
  • Official visits at Corallia during the Greek Presidency of the Council of the European Union (J.C. Juncker, COREPER Ι, Structural Actions Working Party)
  • si-Cluster award as the most innovative initiative of 2013 at the "Tech Excellence Awards 2013"
  • Specially organised conference with parallel exhibition of the products and presentation of the mi-Cluster success stories in the frame of the "Phase-2 Microelectronics" programme
  • Support and diffusion of the Greek Start-Up Manifesto (initiated by the EU Commission and in cooperation with other stakeholders)
  • Expansion of the network of InnoHubs – opening of the α2-innohub in Athens to host the gi-Cluster and the si-Cluster
  • Strategic collaborations signed between the si-Cluster, the Aerospace Valley and the Apulia Space Cluster (DTA)
  • Full member of the EΒΝ and certified EU|BIC
  • European policy making for the Creative Economy extended to the sectors of Tourism and Culture
  • MoU signed between the Cross-Innovation and the gi-Cluster
  • Partnered the second generation of the European Cluster Observatory
  • Launched the first and most prominent accelerator in Greece with Eurobank (the egg – enter•grow•go)
  • Successful results presented for the "Phase-2 Microelectronics" programme
  • Coordinates the European Semiconductor Cluster Consortium
  • Signed agreement for the establishment of the third innohub (α2-innohub) to host the gi-Cluster and si-Cluster
  • Leads the South-East European Network of Excellence for Cluster Organisations
  • Awarded the Bronze Label of Cluster Management Excellence with top performance for the gi-Cluster and the si-Cluster
  • Awarded the Bronze Label of Cluster Management Excellence with top performance for the mi-Cluster
  • Inauguration of the second Innovation Center, this time in Western Greece (π1-innohub)
  • Initiation of the Gaming and Creative Technologies & Applications Cluster (gi-Cluster)
  • Best practice in the special edition of the General Directorate of EU regions and EU's edition "Investing in our Region"
  • Best practice for the innovation cluster development in Greece by OECD
  • Organisation of first Educational Trip in cooperation with the Student Association of Stanford
  • Short-listed at RegioStars 2009 Awards
  • Initiation of the Space Technologies and Applications Cluster (si-Cluster)
  • Certified as an Intermediate Management Body in NSRF/Certified with ISO 9001:2000
  • National best practice within the framework of the OP Competitiveness
  • Launch of one of the most important interventions for the development of clusters in Greece (Phase-2 in Microelectronics)
  • Hailed among 40 European best practices by DG Enterprise & Industry
  • Inauguration of the first Monothematic Innovation Center in Greece (α1-innohub) at Maroussi suburb
  • Launch of the first national cluster programme addressing emerging technologies in exports-oriented market segments (Phase 1 in Microelectronics)
  • Initiation of the first Business Innovation Cluster in Greece (mi-Cluster)
  • Foundation of Corallia as the Hellenic Technology Clusters Initiative (HTCI)
  • Founders agree on common Mission to reinstantiate the significance of entrepreneurship and the "joy of creation", to reverse the accelerating braindrain, and to underpin the design and fabrication of products "Innovation Made in Greece" for the world markets
Corallia's activities are financed by the private sector, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and National funds under the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF), the Operational Programme Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship, the Regional Operational Programmes, the Hellenic Public Investments Programme, the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme and donations from the private sector, foundations and other benefactors.