Paraskevi Botini

Επιστημονικοί Συνεργάτες
Institute of Language and Speech Processing
+30 210 6875345
Paraskevi Botini has graduated from the Department of Philosophy – Pedagogy – Psychology of the School of Philosophy, University of Athens. She has been working in ILSP since 1998. She has taken part in the development of the following educational software: “Ancient Greek Prose” (teaching of Ancient Greek in Lyceum), “The Greek language – the adventure of words” (diachronic and synchronic study of the Greek language in Gymnasium). “Seiries Thymissis: HERODOTUS, ANTHOLOGIO, HOMERIC EPICS” (teaching of Ancient Greek language and civilization in Gymnasium), “Nea logomatheia” (teaching of Modern Greek), “Ancient Greek with GSL” (teaching of Ancient Greek with the support of GSL), etc. She has worked as philologist in the “European Educational Association” teaching the course “Language teaching – Modern Greek”).
She has taken part in the following conferences: 6th International Conference of Greek Linguistics (Rethimno – University of Crete), International Congress “The tragedy then and now – From Aristotle to the 3rd millenium” (Ouranoupolis – Stagira Chalkidiki), 1st International Conference of the Association of the Fulbright Scholars, European Cultural Centre of Delphi (Delphi), Greek conference “Research for Greek Education” (Athens), LREC2000, Language Resources and Evaluation Conference.